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I've realized that I've been getting a lot more point commissions lately and I never know what type of story to write so I made something up for people who wish to commission me in the future...

Sweet (Something cute with a kiss)
Inbetween (Kissing and touching)
EVIL (Everything except sex) extra 5 :points:

Please say one of the three above when you commission me so I know what type you want... please be specific. Thank you :3

To avoid confusion, complete this form and note it to me. Read example below...

Couple: Kaki x Tenma
Type: OC x Canon
Personality together: Sweet and friendly to each other
Rating: EVIL
How long: One shot
Total: 20 :points:

Commission prices

One x Canon 15 :points:
Each Chapter 40 :points:

Note me if you want one and maybe I can give you a deal ;)

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"Riri! Genda's here!" Riri's mum shouted from downstairs as the girl got off her bed in shock.
"Gendo?" She hurried through her bedroom door and down the stairs to see Genda standing there, wearing his Teikoku goalkeeper kit. She wasn't expecting to see him here.
"Hey Gendo, what're you doing here?" The goalkeeper looked over in her direction, stunned to see what she was wearing. A cute white dress with blue flowers all over and black boots. She appeared to be an angel in his eyes.
"I just came from practice and thought we could hang out at mine since my parents aren't home." He smiled.
"Oh! Is that the time already? You two lovebirds should be get going before dark. Riri, stay over the night and I'll pick you up tomorrow." Riri's mum hurried them along as she lightly pushed them out through the door.
"Wait mum-"
"See you tomorrow!" The door was closed before Riri could say anything. There was a awkward silence.
"I guess you're staying over at mine tonight."

They arrived at Genda's house and was shocked to see where he lived.
"T-this isn't a house..." Riri muttered, staring at the mansion in front of her. Whilst she did, Genda had already unlocked the gate was holding it open for her.
"You coming in then?"

The inside was just as big as the outside, especially his room. It was full of sakka. Posters, comics, everything. He was defiantly a big fan of the sport.
"Come in and just sit on my bed." Genda opened the door for Riri as she walked in, looking at her surroundings. She went over to his king sized bed then sat down on it. He closed the door and did the same.
"My room is half, no quarter your size!" She looked at her fingers as if she was calculating.
"It's not really much of a deal since it's also your room."
"Huh?" Suddenly, Genda had kissed Riri on the lips. His hand moving to meet hers. All Riri could do was stare in shock before he moved his lips away.
"W-why?" She was lost for words but Genda just beamed and pointed up. Her eyes followed to see a holly hanging from his light.
"It's nearly Christmas and it is a tradition to kiss someone under the holly right?" Riri nodded in reply to him, quickly turning away so Genda couldn't see her red face. "Don't be so shy about it or I'll have to do it more."
"Noooooo!" She wailed like a little kid.
"Looks like I'll have to make you." He suddenly pushed her onto his bed while he leaned over her. His face hovered above her.
"W-wait! What do you mean Gendo-"She was cut off once again by his lips pressing against hers but this time he wasn't as gentle. He even used his tongue to force her mouth open so it could enter. He succeeded and by this time, Riri had given in. She made her tongue play with his like they were doing a little dance.

After a while, they stopped for air. Both of them panting whilst gazing into each other's eyes. Their tongues dipping with their saliva which was mixed during their kiss. The way Riri was looking at Genda made the lion in him come out. His hands made it's way to her dress; began to pull it down. Riri just smiled as she lifted her body up a bit, making the dress slid off her body and onto the floor. All that was stopping the goalkeeper was Riri's orange bra and panties which had a cute little bow in the center.
"Sorry but that bra is gonna have to come off." Genda reached around Riri's back then started to fiddle with her bra strap. It came off a few minutes later as Genda dropped the bra on the floor, on top of her dress. His hands then launched for her breasts.
"A-ah! Your... hands." She spoke between breaths. "It feels soooo good!"
"These aren't goalkeeper hands for nothing." He smirked as he moved his hands in a circular motion which drove Riri crazy.
"Gendo~" She moaned then he stopped. "Why'd you stop?"
"Calling me Gendo, it's annoying and is ruining the mood." Riri could see the seriousness in his eyes then she looked away.
"Sorry... Genda..." He just smiled and slowly moved his hands down her body, from her breasts to below her waist.
"It's fine, you're more cuter this way, that's why I like you anyway." Riri's eyes widened in surprise as his hands grabbed ahold of her orange panties then his eyes focused on hers. "Are you ready?" He asked. "Cause if we start, we can't go back." She gazed right back at him and nodded.
CM: Riri x Genda
Sorry for the long hiatus, college has made me really busy throughout the year so I couldn't work on all the things I owe. I am back... kinda and I hope to be more active.

this is is for :iconsachigami: again sorry it's late. I hope you like it.


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