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Fantasy Precure Shrine Form by LittleMissTerra-chan Fantasy Precure Shrine Form :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 10 0 Fantasy Precure by LittleMissTerra-chan Fantasy Precure :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 13 0
Shinsei Inazuma Japan plays Mario Kart
"Only 8 people can play this game together." Manabe pushed his glasses up as he read the manual of Mario Kart 7.
"I-I'll sit out and watch-"
"You can play Konoha," smiled Tenma, passing the 3DS to her. "Me, Tsurugi and Shindou will watch you guys."
"Come on Konoha, just play." Sakura smiled. "It'll be fun."
"I'll be here if anything happens."
"You do know we're all against each other in this game." Minaho mentioned; Matatagi just looked at his 3DS.
"I prefer that."
"Anyway, lets play! We're connected!" Everyone's eyes went to their DS then the screen changed to a list of characters. "I'm going to be Peach!" Quickly pressing a, Sakura claimed the first character and designed her kart. "Ready to race!"
"Then I'll be Mario." The second person to choose was Manabe who spent the rest of the time designing his kart. "If I choose Red Monster then my speed will increase by 50% but my acceleration will-"
"I will be Shy Guy." Matatagi clicked him while Minaho star
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 1 0
CM: Riri x Genda
"Riri! Genda's here!" Riri's mum shouted from downstairs as the girl got off her bed in shock.
"Gendo?" She hurried through her bedroom door and down the stairs to see Genda standing there, wearing his Teikoku goalkeeper kit. She wasn't expecting to see him here.
"Hey Gendo, what're you doing here?" The goalkeeper looked over in her direction, stunned to see what she was wearing. A cute white dress with blue flowers all over and black boots. She appeared to be an angel in his eyes.
"I just came from practice and thought we could hang out at mine since my parents aren't home." He smiled.
"Oh! Is that the time already? You two lovebirds should be get going before dark. Riri, stay over the night and I'll pick you up tomorrow." Riri's mum hurried them along as she lightly pushed them out through the door.
"Wait mum-"
"See you tomorrow!" The door was closed before Riri could say anything. There was a awkward silence.
"I guess you're staying over at mine tonight."
They arri
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 2 0
Sona the Hedgehog by LittleMissTerra-chan Sona the Hedgehog :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 5 2 Tasuku Ryuenji by LittleMissTerra-chan Tasuku Ryuenji :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 7 3 Collab: Twin Boost by LittleMissTerra-chan Collab: Twin Boost :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 5 9
School of Sakka Chapter 3
Chapter 3: The Challenge! Ibuki vs Zanark?!
"So what lesson do we have next?" Honoka asked as she looked over at Aoi. She was walking down the school corridor with Satoko, Konoha and Sakura, heading outside.
"That's our last one for today."
"Really Sorano-san? That's great!" The girls watched her and smiled at each other. "So what are we going to do today?" She turned around so she was walking backwards and was facing them.
"We could show you around the campus if you want?" Satoko suggested happily.
"Yeah, that would be great-" Suddenly, Honoka felt herself bounce off something or someone which pushed her onto the floor. Her glasses flew off her face and onto the floor in front of her as she rubbed her back.
"Honoka! Are you ok?" Aoi and Sakoto helped her up while Konoha picked up her glasses. Sakura just turned to the person standing there with her arms crossed.
"What do you think you're doing-" She froze at the sight of the person. It was a man with red eyes and long dark green hair,
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 2 4
School of Sakka Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Match of Love?!
They all arrived in the gym to see a young man stood by the bench, where the coach and managers usually sit, just staring at a giant clock on the wall.
"Sorry we're late Endou-sensei!" Tenma had called out to him which made Endou turn around. He had on one of his usual smiles.
"Yo! I was wondering when you'd get here!" He raised his hand then went over to greet them.
"It was my fault Endou-sensei." Honoka stepped forward and bowed. "I'm sorry."
"So you must be Honoka?"
"Yes!" She shot up and nodded her head.
"Don't worry about being late, I'm not strict like Kidou or Gouenji," Endou flapped his hand. "And you don't have to act formal around me either, I'm still not used to being called sensei yet."
"Now that we've gotten that out of the way... time to sort out teams. Tenma, you'll be an captain and..." While Tenma went to stand in front the team, Endou's eyes scanned the team then stopped on Honoka with a smirk.
"Why don't you be a captain too Hon
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 3 6
School of Sakka Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A New Girl Appears?!
Japan's School of Soccer (JSS) is a name now known all throughout Japan due to only accepting talented young soccer players, and managers, in the country. It was recently built after the Grand Celestia Galaxy tournament and is said to have famous coaches and soccer players teaching their ways to the next generation. As prestigious as this school is, an ordinary girl managed to get chosen. Not having a avatar or Soul she was accepted into the school for an unknown reason. Only knowing that she got suggested by someone to the principal. With still no idea of how and why she got in, she begins her new school life.
Cherry blossoms danced in the gentle morning breeze as a tanned girl stood in front of the over towering school. Her shoulder length black hair fluttered behind her whilst she took a deep breath, taking in the fresh clean air around her.
"I guess... this is it." The girl mumbled to herself, looking at the beautiful building nervously. Causing her
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 3 7
Evil Ibuki by LittleMissTerra-chan Evil Ibuki :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 11 5 Ibuki Munemasa sketch by LittleMissTerra-chan Ibuki Munemasa sketch :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 15 15
PC: Hanami x Hayami
"Stop being so negative all the time!" Hanami complained, her hands on her hips. She pouted at Hayami who was standing opposite her with the rest of Raimon. "It always brings down the mood of the team!"
"No excuses!" The girl interrupted. "You promised me you would change if we went out... I guess you lied..." Tears filled in her eyes as she ran out the club room.
"Hanami-chan!" Aoi called but she was already gone. Everyone stared at Hayami.
"You messed up." Midori mentioned as she gave him a disappointed look.
"She's going to break up with you now." Kurama said with his arms folded.
"Kurama-senpai don't say that!" The team looked over at Tenma, who just smiled. "Go and talk to her. It will work out somehow." Shinsuke and Hikaru nodded.
"Captain... right! I'll talk to her!" He ran out the club room while the others watched.
"Will he be ok?" Hamano put his arms behind his head; glanced at the door. "He's not the talkative positive type of guy."
"Of course! I know he will! Hanam
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 2 0
Ibuki x reader
Ibuki Munemasa~
"I won't let him score a single goal! Just watch [L/N]!" Shinsei Inazuma Japan's goalkeeper, Ibuki Munemasa, was stood in front of the goal while a hologram of Hakuryuu appeared before him. He was training in the Black Room and you, being a manager, offered to help out. Not just because you wanted to watch over him... but since you had on a crush on him. Yes! You liked the boy. His spiky white hair as well as his manly voice, always made the butterflies in your stomach crazy. However. There was once thing which drove you mad. His plum eyes. It never failed to make your heart beat faster whenever you gazed into it... as if it hypnotized you...
"Oi! [L/N]! Did you see that?" You returned to reality to see him with a ball in his hands. A little smirk was on his face. "I stopped all of the shots." He threw the ball down onto the sand, making it join with the other ones he saved.
"That's great Ibuki-kun but shouldn't you take a break now?" Ibuki had been training like this f
:iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 14 12
Mature content
PC: Kaede x Tsurugi :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 6 8
Stroke me collab by LittleMissTerra-chan Stroke me collab :iconlittlemissterra-chan:LittleMissTerra-chan 11 17


Sonic 25th :: Sx3 REMiX by Syaming-Li Sonic 25th :: Sx3 REMiX :iconsyaming-li:Syaming-Li 1,467 99 Pledge Your Allegiance - Pokemon GO by Syaming-Li Pledge Your Allegiance - Pokemon GO :iconsyaming-li:Syaming-Li 433 17 Go! Princess Cards by KemonoE-chan Go! Princess Cards :iconkemonoe-chan:KemonoE-chan 20 0 Cure Twinkle by HeleMinimanimo Cure Twinkle :iconheleminimanimo:HeleMinimanimo 64 10 Otako by Kuvshinov-Ilya Otako :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 4,916 63 Chibi Josuke by SpringSounds Chibi Josuke :iconspringsounds:SpringSounds 23 5 Steel Queen by BluC Steel Queen :iconbluc:BluC 477 0 Play games, sleep by Girutea Play games, sleep :icongirutea:Girutea 330 23 Apple White (Ever After High) by Caithlyn Apple White (Ever After High) :iconcaithlyn:Caithlyn 13 3 Arrest by GUWEIZ Arrest :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 12,564 373 Gotta Splat 'em All! by SaccharoKirby Gotta Splat 'em All! :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 311 57 Go! Princess Deadpool by magnomalo Go! Princess Deadpool :iconmagnomalo:magnomalo 28 14 Fight Club Mako by Kuvshinov-Ilya Fight Club Mako :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 6,865 115 Splatoon Art Dump 10 by TamarinFrog Splatoon Art Dump 10 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 856 101 Inky Pocket Monsters by TamarinFrog Inky Pocket Monsters :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 2,592 224 Cure Flora Premium Mode Elegant Sakura by neutrinoflavor Cure Flora Premium Mode Elegant Sakura :iconneutrinoflavor:neutrinoflavor 236 15


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:iconpointcommishesonhold: :iconpointcommishesonhold: :iconpointcommishesonhold:

I've realized that I've been getting a lot more point commissions lately and I never know what type of story to write so I made something up for people who wish to commission me in the future...

Sweet (Something cute with a kiss)
Inbetween (Kissing and touching)
EVIL (Everything except sex) extra 5 :points:

Please say one of the three above when you commission me so I know what type you want... please be specific. Thank you :3

To avoid confusion, complete this form and note it to me. Read example below...

Couple: Kaki x Tenma
Type: OC x Canon
Personality together: Sweet and friendly to each other
Rating: EVIL
How long: One shot
Total: 20 :points:

Commission prices

One x Canon 15 :points:
Each Chapter 40 :points:

Note me if you want one and maybe I can give you a deal ;)

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